Photo Round Up: Thanksgiving


I was featured in the Baltimore Sun for food styling and Thanksgiving entertaining tips.  


Everyone says this is a good picture of me. Anxiety says I should probably go live in a cave. #hermitcheflife  


Here is my first pie crust of the week. It was a failure obviously, but can't you tell how flaky & perfect the dough turned out? I don't think I got a picture of my finished nice pie #2.

For the internet meanies, I like failure. Failures remind me to slow down and focus.


Antipasto is very important. I try to make it fit on my coffee table, but don't let your table space hold you back. Just buy everything in the Italian section of the store and don't look at your receipt total. Transfer everything to stoneware ramekins & platters. No jars or original packaging. Make sure you eat a significant amount of antipasto while you are doing this, because you will be too busy to properly eat it later.  


Beware: Place setting standards can never be undone. Once you go Pinterest level, you can't go back to paper plates. Next year, I think I have to hand throw my own ceramic plates and carve napkin rings out of locally foraged naturally fallen wood.


I was so busy, I carved my turkey before I got a picture. Bad food blogger!! Bad chef!! Off to Internet jail.  

In all seriousness, my turkey turned out great. I brined it in apple cider (shut up Food Lab, I will never stop brining poultry!) and roasted it with a bourbon & brown sugar glaze. It was crispy and awesome.  


Today's breakfast: Leftover Monte Cristo

Today's breakfast: Leftover Monte Cristo

My favorite part of this holiday is the week after leftovers.  If you happen to know me personally, you know that I hate eating leftovers, like a bougie food princess. However, there is something about eating a turkey & mayo sandwich while turkey barley soup is bubbling on the stove, filling the house with the sweet smell of roasted bird flesh. Am I a writer now?

Happy Thanksgiving to my 6 readers. May your holidays be stress free, snowy when appropriate, and have the level of family interaction that you are most comfortable with. 


Holiday Dessert Orders


I am now taking orders for custom holiday desserts--Thanksgiving pies & cakes, fruit pies, Halloween themed weirdo desserts, office party conversation starters, under-celebrated December birthday cakes, and all those winter religious holidays that have specific dessert needs. Oh also, buche de noel. But I'm only making ten buche de noel this year, so make sure you get on the list! Call me at 443-519-2209 or email to reserve. Prices are below, but remember, I can make whatever custom dessert you want, you diva.

I also have LIMITED availability for catering holiday parties through January--get your cocktail & charcuterie on! 


Above: Banana cream pie cheesecake with nilla wafer crust & tiny bananas!


Above: Snickerdoodle Crepe Cake


8" round cakes (2 layers) : $48 each

10" cheesecakes : $50

Absurdly weird or complicated decorations: please add $25 to $500,000 per cake, inquire for custom pricing

Standard Fruit Pies: $25 (including pumpkin!)

Sub-Standard Fruit Pies: $20 (including canned pumpkin!) Just kidding, I am not making canned pies. Don't ask.

Individual desserts (hand pies, puddings, cookies): priced per person, varies

Buche de Noel: A rolled red velvet cake with hazelnut buttercream, dark chocolate ganache and praline. They will be decorated like a fallen log in the gothiest French forest. They serve 8-10 normal people, but, like, I don't know how hungry your family will be. Listen up--I am only making ten of these, so get on the list today. I'm serious, I am not making eleven, not for a billion dollars extra.  Buche de Noel are $85. 


ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE (TWO FOR BUCHE DE NOEL). I am not a bakery, so please don't email me to say that your favorite bakery/costco is cheaper or better or nicer to you. If you are still reading this then you are probably my ideal client. Let's get some cake in your mouth.