The Inner Harbor, sentimental views, weddings & fufilling work

I currently have three couples who have hired me for wedding planning. One already had their venue picked out. For the other two, I did tons of research and found a few potential choices based on what they told me they were looking for. The last of the three couples just chose their venue--a beautiful, secluded waterfront ceremony & hotel dance party in the Inner Harbor. They hold a sentimental connection to the Harbor, as they spent many of their first dates walking along the water & getting to know each other.


When the couple walked into the hotel, I could tell the bride was super stressed. By the time we finished our tour, she was beaming & I knew that we had found the right place. It makes me so happy to help people with such special decisions.  

The view from Pier 5. 

The view from Pier 5. 

I have definitely been lucky to have worked in fufilling jobs for most of my adult life. I chose a career that spoke to me instead of just falling into a job. Being a chef is hard, but it was always worth it because of the satisfaction of creating something delicious & beautiful that made people happy and nourished. It's a pretty badass job, if you think about it. My biggest challenge lately has been to fix my life balance, and leaving the restaurant environment was the first step. Always making sure my work is fufilling is a continuing practice that I will have to remember to keep in focus.  

Don't assume that hard work equals fulfillment, and don't start believing that less work is the answer either. Balance is key and your health comes first. I am getting used to this idea.